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FlowLine Bipore ePTFE-Prostheses

The new alternative for all peripheral vascular reconstructions and a.-v. vascular access.

< FlowLine Bipore with/without Helix
ePTFE vascular prostheses are now firmly established the world over as an important component in the therapy of peripheral occlusive diseases.

JOTEC has established a production unit using the newest technology. We use modern, computer-supported production techniques to manufacture high-quality ePTFE prostheses for vascular and shunt surgery.

The grafts are inspected. . .
. . . the wallthickness is checked again

FlowLine Bipore ePTFE vascular prostheses have the following properties:

• Unique Bipore design of the microporous structure with two different fibril lengths for low thrombogenicity.
• A thin ePTFE wrap on the surface for high burst strength and enhanced suture retention
• New and unique marking guideline indicating diameter, length and wallthickness of the graft
• Innovative double-helices to resist kinking and compression
• Excellent and pliable handling and suture behaviour

The term Bipore describes the innovative design of the microporous ePTFE structure: Pre-defined positioning of alternating short and long fibrils for reduced thrombogenicity rates.

< SEM of Bipore-Structure
A complete pallet of lengths and diameters is available in thin-wall and standard wall thicknesses as well as with and without the external double-helix reinforcement.

The Customer Care partner listed at the right will be glad to answer any question you may have about FlowLine Bipore (see Contacts).
Detailed ordering information can be downloaded in the form of a pdf file (at the right).
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