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Patches and Membranes
This section presents the Fluoro-Tex Cardiovascular Patch (CVP) and Fluoro-Tex Surgical Membrane (SM) products of Jotec GmbH.

Fluoro-Tex Cardiovascular Patch (CVP) Highly modern production method for ePTFE patches.
Patches are now used frequently in vascular and cardial reconstructions, e.g. following endoarteriectomy of the carotid artery, both as deep and aortic prostheses, and in septum defects.
Fluoro-Tex Surgical Membrane (SM) Safe and effective for pericardial reconstructions.
The term Bipore describes - as in FlowLine Bipore ePTFE vascular prostheses - the innovative design of the microporous ePTFE structure.
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