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Fluoro-Tex Cardiovascular Patch (CVP)
Highly modern production method for ePTFE patches

Patches are now used frequently in vascular and cardial reconstructions, e.g. following endoarteriectomy of the carotid artery, both as deep and aortic prostheses, and in septum defects.

Fluoro-Tex cardiovascular patches are predestined for these indications. Our modern production method produces products with the following properties:

  • Unique Bipore design of the microporous structure with two different fibril lengths for low thrombogenicity
  • FEP-net between two ePTFE layers for enhanced suture retention
  • Wallthickness of 0.6mm for excellent handling and pliable suture behaviour
  • Proven safety and effectiveness for the repair of vascular defects, e.g. after endarterectomy of the carotid artery, as profunda and aortic plastic or septum defects.

SEM of the Bipore-Structure

The term Bipore describes - as in FlowLine Bipore ePTFE vascular prostheses - the innovative design of the microporous ePTFE structure. The pre-defined positioning of alternating short and long fibrils reduces thrombogenicity rates, resulting in a safe, inert vascular intervention implant.

The Product Management and Customer Care partners listed here will be glad to answer any question you may have about Fluoro-Tex CVP (see Contacts).
Detailed ordering information can be downloaded in the form of a pdf file (at the right).

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