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FlowNit-/FlowWeave Bioseal
FlowWeave & FlowWeave Bioseal - Woven Polyester Vascular Grafts

FlowNit & FlowNit Bioseal - Knitted Polyester Vascular Grafts

The newest polyester graft made by the most innovative processes:
High burst strength and low dilatation
• Texturised exterior yarns for superior tissue incorporation and healing characteristics
• New Bioseal impregnation for making the grafts' blood tight: Dehydrothermal collagen coating process without crosslinking agents (aldehyd- and isocyanate free)
• Concentric crimping and black guidelines for exact positioning
• Very soft and pliable handling behaviour

A full range of FlowWeave/FlowWeave Bioseal vascular grafts in different length and diameters are available as well as a full range of FlowNit and FlowNit Bioseal bifurcations and tubes in different lengths and diameters.

For further product information please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Care under the related contact item on the right. Or click on the related pdf documents and you can also download the respective product descriptions and ordering information.

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