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FlowLine Bipore HEPARIN
Dynamic blood tests confirm high level of compatibility.

The number of free thrombocytes in the amount of blood in which the lumen surface of FlowLine Bipore HEPARIN (H) was exposed is comparable with the control group (C) in a natural environment.

In conventional ePTFE vascular prostheses (P) there is a decrease in the number of free thrombocytes due to thrombus formation on the lumen surface.

The reliable antithrombogenicity of the new FlowLine Bipore HEPARIN ePTFE vascular prosthesis provides the basis for a long-lasting therapeutic success.
FlowLine Bipore HEPARIN helps vascular therapists provide better patient care, especially in peripheral vascular applications.

• The FlowLine Bipore HEPARIN is very supple and smooth and its suturing properties are excellent.
• A thin layer of ePTFE film enhances suture holding strength and prevents dilatation.
• The unique readily visible guideline provides the information about the type and diameter of the prosthesis at a glance.
• The version with a reinforcing outer spiral of PTFE monofilament shows an especially high level of resistance to kinking and compression, and can be removed easily.

Long-lasting FlowPower: the special heparin bonding
In the FlowLine Bipore HEPARIN vascular prosthesis biologically active heparin is attached to the lumen survace of the prosthesis by means of covalent bonding and ionic interactions, a stable and permanent method.

The innovative bonding technique irritates the natural antithrombotic effect of heparin sulphate, thus presenting a "blood-friendly" surface.

The new ePTFE vasular prothesis with the antithromobenic lumen surface prevents thrombus formation actively and permanently.

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