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Title: AHA Circulation Journal publication 17th January 2006, Randomized  Trial of a Nonpolymer-Based Rapamycin-Eluting Stent Versus a Polymer-Based Paclitaxel-Eluting Stent for the reduction of Late Lumen Loss (ISAR-TEST results)
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Title: ISAR-TEST presentation, TCT Washington, October 2005
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Title: EHJ publication 23rd June 2005, Prevention of restenosis by a novel drug-eluting stent system with dose-adjustable. polymer free, on-site stent coating
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Title: Presentation of a Non-polymer based In Cath-lab coating for Drug Eluting stents. ISAR (Individualised Drug-Eluting Stent System to Abrogate Restenosis)
Author: Professor Albert Schömig, DHZ, Munich, Germany
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