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Interventional Cardiology
This section presents the PCI Balloon Catheter, Pre-mounted Stent Systems and the DES – New Drug Coating Technology of Translumina GmbH.

PCI Balloon Catheter  
CURARE Cathy N° 3 Curare Cathy 3 With excellent balloon design features and improved formed hub with integrated fixation.
Pre-mounted Stent Systems  
Coronary Stent System
with micro porous SurfaceŽ
The Yukon Plus is a pre-mounted Stent System with micro porous Surface. Available mounted on our PCI balloon catheter CURARE Cathy N° 3.
DES – New Drug Coating Technology  
Coronary Stent System
Premounted Stent System with NEW surface finishing technology PEARL surface for individual coating application.
Stent Coating Machine
Table top stent coating console
Flexible and innovative Computer Controlled Stent Coating Machine that locates the drug coating process directly to the Cath-Lab. The SCM is especially developed to have free choice of drugs and individual dose for application on YUKON®DES.
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Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol. 2005
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