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1. Connect the device with a clinic’s (sterile) compressed air system.

2. Switch on the device by main switch.

- Initialisation procedure starts.
- The carrier-arm runs the traverse path and remains in the starting position.
- The device is ready to take up the cartridge.
- An indication appears on the display.

3. Open the device cover.

4. Remove sterile packing of the cartridge and fix the additional sterile filter on the cartridge.

5. Insert cartridge into the device.

6. Insert single-use syringe in the fitting of the cartridge, that is loaded with requested solution.

7. Close the device cover.

8. Start the coating process by keypress.

- The device cover is locked.
- The protective cap is detracted from the stent in the cartridge.
- The carrier arm pushes the solution out of the syringe into the tubular nozzle.
- The carrier arm carries the tubular nozzle over the whole stent length.
- The air-jet generates finest solution spraying on the stent.

9. After finishing the coating process, a request for an eventual re-coating appears in the display. Please follow the instructions on the display.

10. If coating ending is requested, please press button to finish the process.

11. Open the device cover.

12. Remove the cartridge with stent catheter system from the device.

13. Open sterile packing of the stent system (by unsterile staff)

14. Pull out the stent system carefully of the cartridge (by unsterile staff)

15. Retain stent system from sterile packing (by sterile staff)

16. Dispose cartridge

17. Use stent

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