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The Stent Coating Machine
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Handy computer controlled table device for direct use in the Cath Lab.
Enables coating of stents for each patient. Thus the physician may decide kind and dosage of the drug. It is possible to dose individually, to chose the combination of active substance and to react towards research results any time without changing the equipment or any delay.
Drug (solution) should be applied on the stent immediately before implementation. Since the stent is delivered without coating, the stent’s expiry date does not relate to the drug.
A logical menu and safety lock in the device prevents an accidental maloperation. The operating steps are easy and simple to ensure a smooth coating procedure.
A big illuminated display shows the operating steps.
Plastic foil keyboard and device shape facilitate disinfection. There is no contact between the coating machine and the drug.
The sterile premounted stent system is delivered together with a single-serving cartridge. The stent is placed inside of cartridge for coating process. Coating takes place in the cartridge only. The cartridge ensures that no unintended contact with drug contaminated area will occur.
Catheter and stent should not be taken out of the packing to remain sterile. Kinking or damaging of the catheter is avoided because the whole Stent Delivery System with the cartridge is inserted in the SCM.
A costly purifying or disinfection of the machine is not necessary since all drug contaminated areas are single-serving products.
Very easy application of the drug:
  1. Reading the necessary dosage volume for the particular stent length.
  2. Taking the drug with a usual syringe, delivered in the packaging with YUKON® DES.
  3. Insertion of the single-use syringe in the designated fitting on the cartridge.
The SCM allows stent coating between 8 and 25 mm stent lengths.
The SCM enables exact and uniform application of the required drug over the complete stent length
Low dosages of approx. 100 µl/cm stent length are very economical in using active substances for coating (cost saving, avoidance of too high drug concentration, reducing the rest risk when disposing the single-serving materials).
Finest drug spraying due to air-jet in the tubular nozzle; compressed air guarantees that the drug is blown out.
The SCM enables multiple coating.
Short coating process of approx. 6 minutes depends on the stent length.
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